Saturday 31 May 2014


Globalisation is happening to everything. (Or possibly it has been happening since before the last ice age, and humanity is only now realising.) This includes families. Thankfully we have created the Internet and that can support the more human aspect: the World Wide Web.

That is why this site has been created; as a portal for family members, and those interested to know more about us, to be able to have a global conversation.

I have been mandated by the Chief of the Roche clan to create this portal and if it is successful, he may even find time to directly share some of his incites with us.

The plan is to aggregate family history, clarify misconceptions, gather and discuss, (even argue over the correct spelling and pronunciation of our name.)
That said, as the Chief is wont to quote, "no plan survives contact with the enemy" [0], (among his interests, military history and particularly strategy never seem to be far from his thoughts.)
 So I will need your help to determine how this expands and where we take things from here. What would you like more of?

[0] Sir Arthur Wellesley, Lord Wellington.


  1. I just found out I have a Roche Irish connection through my Spencer line. I am interested in learning more as I study my family history. I am wondering if there is anyway to begin a conversation on this?

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